A spot of Scandi in Oxford at Kupp

Kupp OxfordThe last muddy dregs of snow from the ‘beast for the east’ are finally melting away, and this weather felt like fitting context for visiting Kupp Oxford, the Scandinavian restaurant and bar at the Westgate shopping centre.

Kupp Oxford is all about sharing the best of the Nordics and I think it translates that chic Scandi vibe well in Oxford. The restaurant is on the Westgate’s roof terrace which means that in summer it will have a great outdoor seating. But in late Feb, it meant that pale, spring light flooded the restaurant through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, overlooking the spires of Oxford.

Kupp Oxford

It’s got a good casual vibe, encouraging everyone to sit and chill with friends. Fika, directly translated means ‘to have coffee’ but really it’s more about slowing down, taking a break and appreciating the good things in life. And you certainly see that in the groups huddle around tables.

Kupp Oxford

I’m not going to lie, there is a distinct IKEA vibe – but in a good way. That sort of no-fuss nonsense and practical style which I love about IKEA. It’s got the colourful and comfortable seating amongst a central feature of the line of tree trunks, with a touch of the stripped back industrial.

On to the important bit  – the food at Kupp Oxford…

Kupp Oxford

Take time to view the menu, there’s a lot on there. In the end, we shared a KuPP smörgåsbord which included signature smoked pork meatballs; potted rabbi; chorizo sausage rolls;, carpaccio of smoked beef; Västerbotten cheese; potato salad; pickled vegetable; spidskål (Scandi slaw); mustard mayo; Leksands Knäckebröd (crispbread) and toasted sourdough.

Kupp Oxford

And for good measure, we got two sides of crushed avocado and Leksands Knäckebröd.

Kupp Oxford

A G&T fan, I also tried a aquavit and tonic – the national spirit of Scandinavia – Aalberg Taffel, Danish with notes of caraway and fennel. At 43 per cent – go easy if driving.  So there you have it a great slice of Scandinavia in Oxford.

Kupp Oxford



There's a great place to enjoy all things Scandi in Oxford and that's Kupp!



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