Tickittyshake – one problem, too much choice!

There’s something new on the Chipping Norton high street – Tickittyshake.  Clearly someone, looked at the high street and said ‘you know what the children, teens and citizens of Chippy need? A milkshake parlour’.

Cue the classic Kelis… ‘My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, damn right it’s better than yours!’

Part of the Tickitty empire, Tickittyshake opened last weekend to excited lines of milkshake goers in the space formerly occupied  by Tickittyboo, the toy shop which has moved a few doors down.

Do you know what the problem with Tickittyshake is?


Too much choice! Check out that menu!

The lovely staff were very patience as I finally made up my mind on one Reese Pieces and another Ferrero Roche creation to-go. I’m exactly the same at the milkshake bar in Oxford’s Covered Market.


The blue and white striped cups, reminiscent of candy stores from a by-gone age, can now be seen in the hands of most teens on the High Street.  There’s just enough space inside to take a pew among the brightly coloured walls decked with sweet jars.

It’s great that the store was ready for the summer holidays as I can imagine that this will be its peak popularity period and I just hope that when the bleaker January comes round, its colourful front and beckoning tasty treats will be enough to keep the punters coming in! It certainly cheered up my lunch time and I’m sure they’ve got plenty more plans.  I certainly recommend it… at the end of the day, I never met a calorie I didn’t like!


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